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Baby on the way? Request your maternity allowance!

Joining Infino is a brilliant idea. Our child benefit fund's  slogan is "Growing together". And we mean it! We will support you financially, give you the best possible advice and analyse your individual case.

We also want every child to grow up in a fairer and more sustainable society. That's why we plant a tree for every newborn child that joins our family. Your child will contribute to a better future.

Request your maternity allowance of  € 1.288,87. It will only take a 2 minutes.

Infino, the responsible and sustainable child benefit fund

For us, every child and every parent matters. We take care of you and help you grow your dreams.

That's why we're pleased to give you a little financial boost for the arrival of your baby: the maternity allowance.

Request your maternity allowance here

We also make sure that your child benefit is paid on time every month. Already registered with another child benefit fund?

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When can I expect the next payment?

The next child benefit payment is usually made on the first of the month in Brussels. Check the link below for the exact payout day. Sometimes it takes several hours or days to get the amount into your account. This depends on your bank. We will make sure you receive your payment on time.

I consult the dates of payment of the child benefit
Child benefit and maternity allowance
I want to demand my maternity allowance
Are you expecting a child? Then ask your maternity allowance.
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I want child benefit
Do you already have a child benefit fund, but would like to switch to Infino?
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I Just arrived in Belgium
Are you a new resident in Belgium and do you have a family with school-age children? Then you are entitled to family benefits.
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Living in Brussels?

Did you know that you can switch your child benefit fund right now? Transfer to Infino and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

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Maternity allowance and Child benefit

Growing together starts with applying for your "STARTBEDRAG" (both birth and adoption premium). It follows that you are automatically affiliated with the Groeipakket, the new child benefit. Handy, isn't it? You only have to submit an application once, we will take care of the rest.

We are the child benefit fund with a heart for all children and all parents. All Infino employees ensure that your family benefits are paid on time every day to give you an extra boost.

Already affiliated with another payer? You can switch. We welcome your family with open arms.

Who we are

groeipakket - allocations familiales WHAT DOES THE Groeipakket / Child benefit package CONSIST OF?

A financial boost

The Groeipakket consists of a basic amount and a series of allowances.  These allowances are intended to help families as best they can, and depend on their financial and family situation.
Need help?

Infino offers insight in your file

At Infino, we want to see children grow up and help them find their place in society. That's why we're here to help you.
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Application for child benefit with this form

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Why choose Infino?

At Infino, we have some clear values. We want to be a reliable and committed partner for you and your children. We always remain optimistic and enthusiastic. But, we also act self-consciously, with a contemporary, world-wise view of things.

My client advisor helped me through all the changes. Thanks to her good follow-up, I got everything I was entitled to every month.

Karin Van Somers

Milan's mom

Startbedrag bevalling
Join Infino; let's grow together!

Raising your child is a challenging, but also fantastic adventure. Would you like to enjoy it to the fullest? Then let Infino support you!