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I'm planning to adopt a child

Have you decided to adopt a child? To bring this wonderful adventure to a successful outcome, you need to go through a number of steps. To help you see the wood for the trees, here you will discover an overview of all the steps you need to take. 

The requirements for adoption

I am going to adopt a child: what requirements must I meet?

  • You must be at least 25 years old
  • You must be at least 15 years older than the adopted child
  • When adopting your spouse's child, you must be at least 18 years old and 10 years older than the adopted child
  • If you adopt as a couple, you must be married, legally cohabiting or actually living together for at least 3 years (both for same-sex and opposite-sex couples)
  • You must have completed the preparation process of your adoption
  • The Family Court must find you qualified and suitable to adopt a child.

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I'm adopting a child, what support am I entitled to?

Adoption allowance

This is a financial boost for when your baby has just arrived. In Brussels, the adoption allowance is € 1.340,90 for a first child and € 609,50 for each subsequent child.

I am going to adopt a child: what is the procedure? 

This procedure is divided into 6 major steps: 
  1. the preparatory phase: carried out by the VAC (Flemish Centre for Adoption - Adoption Directorate)
  2. the certificate of preparation: this certificate is issued by Kind en Gezin as soon as the preparation has been completed
  3. the judgment of suitability to adopt: this judgment is rendered by the family court after a request, social investigation by Kind en Gezin and an advice from the Public Prosecutor's Office. Once you have gone through these steps, the suitability ruling is issued. 
  4. the adoption support: an obligatory step by the EAD (Approved Adoption Service)
  5. the judgment of adjudication of the adoption: this judgment is also pronounced by the family court after request, investigation by the Public Prosecutor's Office and a hearing. Once you have gone through these steps, the judgment will be pronounced. 
  6. Post-adoption counselling by an EAD. 
For an international adoption, the 3 first steps are the same as for an internal adoption. After that, the process is a little different and will take longer than an internal adoption.

Adoption in Flanders

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Request your adoption allowance

After the adoption: child benefits

Calculate your monthly basic amount

After adoption, you are entitled to monthly child benefit. You can calculate how much this will be below. Use our calculator to work out the amount of child benefit you'll receive for your family, based on the region you live in and the date of birth of your child(ren).

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