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Infino,  the child benefit fund that grows with your family

Infino, payout actor / child benefit fund, welcomes you. And by "you", of course, we mean your child or children in the first place. Because that's what motivates us every day at Infino: to help every child, indiscriminately, grow in life and in society.

In addition, we also want to give as much support as possible to you, the parents. With a smooth and punctual payment of the Growth Package (the former child benefit) and other allowances, but also with our years of expertise and our life experience.

Growing together' is our slogan, and we mean it

With Infino, you will stand strong together to enjoy the challenging, but fantastic adventure that every child presents, to the fullest.

Why we do what we do

Seeing children grow up and help them find their way, until they find their ultimate place in society. That's what moves Infino. That's what motivates everyone working at Infino to get up every day and to give the very best they've got to give. To be an understanding and reliable partner throughout life, for you and your children.

Why choose Infino? Because we are sustainable, always, in all ways.

What exactly do we do at Infino

For starters, we relieve you of a number of administrative tasks. We ensure a correct payment of the Growth Package (formerly child benefit) and other allowances to which you are entitled. And above all, we also keep you up-to-date with information about all the child benefit regulations.

In addition, we give you personal, tailor-made advice on all the important moments in your children's development. We want to help you whenever we can with customised services, so your children can develop optimally.

Why we want to do this

And finally, we also want to contribute to a better world. Where the future of our children is at stake, we will tell you. That's how Infino gives your child a voice. And together, we shape a bright future.

How we want to do that at Infino

At Infino we have some clear principles. We want to be a reliable and committed partner for you and your children. We always remain optimistic and enthusiastic. But, we also act self-consciously, with a contemporary, world-wise view of things.