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Infino your child benefit fund : Request your maternity allowance and receive a financial boost

This amount is an important boost. You can use the money for everything your child needs. Will you use it to finish the nursery, fill the diaper bill or buy children's clothes? The choice is yours.

This amount is an important boost. You can use the money for everything your child needs. Will you use it to finish the nursery, fill the diaper bill or buy children's clothes? The choice is yours.

Apply for your maternity allowance of € 1.214,49 now. It only takes 2 minutes.

Maternity allowance: what is it?

There is a joyful event coming up in your family: the arrival of a child. What a miracle! To welcome this little one in the best possible way, you are entitled to certain assistance, including an amount of money from your payer (you can choose).

You may know that in Belgium, a payer gives a one-off premium to each child born on the territory. If you live in Flanders, since the regionalisation of 1 January 2019, this premium is called the "birth fee". Previously, the term 'maternity fee' was used. What do you need to know about the Start Amount? Here you will find the answers you are looking for.

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How much is the maternity allowance?

Whether it is your first child or not, the amount of this premium is € 1.190,68* per child. Are you expecting twins? Then you are entitled to twice € 1.190,68.

*This amount will be indexed annually.

When is the maternity allowance payed?

The amount is paid 2 months before the birth, regardless of when you made the application. 

Apply for the maternity allowance


When can I apply to the maternity allowance?

You can apply for the  amount as soon as you are pregnant. You will then receive the starting amount at the earliest two months before the estimated date of delivery. A few conditions:

  • The doctor's certificate you must send us may not be a certificate from the first 5 months of your pregnancy.
  • You do not have a doctor's certificate yet? Send us your application anyway! We will remind you to send us the certificate.
  • You have up to five years after the birth to apply for the amount
Online application

Who can apply for the maternity allowance?

Each (future) parent living in Flanders can apply for the starting amount.

  • Are you a couple consisting of two mothers? The mother who is carrying the child must submit the application
  • Do you work in Belgium but live abroad? Depending on your country of residence, you may be entitled to the start-up grant.
  • Are you adopting a child? You are also entitled to the starting amount

DEMAnding your maternity allowance

How to apply for the maternity allowance?

Je kan het startbedrag op eenvoudige wijze aanvragen door een aanvraagformulier in te vullen.

Child Benefit: What happens after the birth of your child?

As a parent, you are entitled to the monthly child benefit from the month your child is born. Have you already received your starting amount? Then you do not need to do anything anymore.

About child benefit

Any questions?

Who is entitled to a starting amount and the maternity allowance?

Every (future) parent living in Flanders can submit an application. The amount is paid

  • for a first birth: to the pregnant mother,
  • for a second and/or subsequent birth: to the bank account specified in the application.

Have you adopted a child? Then you are of course entitled to a "starting amount for adoption" (which is the amount provided for in the event of adoption). You just have to send us, together with your application, a copy of the national or foreign adoption application that was submitted to the competent court or, failing that, the foreign adoption decree.

Who has to make the application?

Adopted children

Have you adopted a child? If there is only one adopter or if only one of the two parents applies, the Start Amount will be deposited into that person's account. If both adoptive parents apply for the lump sum, the payment will be made to the account number of their choice. In case of disagreement, the youngest parent will receive the amount. You will find all the information together with the document to submit the application here.

Unborn children

The pregnant mother (or one of the parents if it does not concern the first child) submits the application to the payer of the Growth Packet of her choice. She fills out an application form with her details, possibly also the details of the dad or co-parent and, importantly, adds a medical certificate of pregnancy (see below for the conditions of validity).


When should you submit the application and when is the amount paid?

In order to submit a valid application, you must attach a medical certificate proving that you are at least five full months pregnant.

By submitting your application in advance (and from your sixth month of pregnancy onwards), you will receive the Start payment at the earliest two months before the due date of birth of your child and on condition that the pregnant mother has permission to stay in Belgium. Please note that payers have certain payment dates by law; these are the same for each fund.

In addition, if you make your request after the two-month period before the birth, you will receive the amount on the next payment date set for the payers. There is no obligation to submit your application in advance, you do it whenever you want as soon as you are six months pregnant.

Would you like Infino to take care of your application? We are happy to do so!  Request your starting amount before birth 

Do you still need to make arrangements with your paymaster?

Once you have submitted your application for a starting amount, you do not need to take any further steps with your payer of the Growth Pack. Your file has been opened, we automatically receive the information about the birth of your child through your municipal administration.

Good to know:

  • Would you like the payment of the starting amount to be made to an account in the name of both parents? Of course this is possible. The rule is that the mother (or the person who is to receive the payment) must have access to the bank account on which the payment will be made.
  • You did not make the application before the birth of the child; are you still entitled to it? Yes, the "birth fee" is not lost as long as the statute of limitations has not expired. You still have up to 5 years after the birth/adoption to submit the application.
  • Is it your second or next child and you did not submit the application before the birth? Your municipal administration will inform us of the new birth. We will then automatically examine your entitlement to the "birth grant" and keep you informed by email.
  • You work in Belgium and the mother lives abroad. Are you then entitled to this premium? As soon as one of the parents works in Flanders, the right to the Start-up Bonus will be examined. Whether you are entitled to it or not depends on the country where you live. For some countries (such as France and Luxembourg), Belgium will never be able to pay the Starting Amount. For other countries, we can examine the difference in payment (i.e. the difference between the amount granted as a birth grant abroad and the amount of the Start amount) or pay out the full amount if there is no entitlement abroad. These scenarios are often examined on a case-by-case basis. In this case, we ask you to contact a case manager to review the application together.
  • Did you unfortunately suffer a miscarriage or give birth to a stillborn child? Then of course you are still entitled to a "starting amount for birth". Send us the "stillborn child" certificate that you can request from your municipal administration. This document must confirm that the pregnancy lasted at least 180 days (the minimum pregnancy period to be entitled to the premium).

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Kind en Gezin wants to assist you and your child during the first three years of life by providing professional help, information and advice on development, health, education, nutrition, safety and much more.

To this end, a Kind en Gezin staff member can contact you during your pregnancy to get acquainted. So be sure to leave your mobile phone number or email address at Kind en Gezin.

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Request your starting amount (maternity allowance) in time: a push in the back!

To welcome your child in the best possible way, you need to get a few things in order and they can have a financial impact. Did you know that there is a starting amount to help your little one get started?