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Every milestone comes with wonderful memories. But also plenty of questions, uncertainties and costs. Here you will find answers to the most common questions. Together, we'll make sure you don't miss out on any financial benefits.

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I'm trying to conceive

We gathered tips and tricks for those of you "trying". And support for your hopes and dreams.
Tips and tricks for getting pregnant

I'm pregnant

Is life sprouting in your belly or your partner's? Read all about that little miracle here.
All about the miracle of life

I want to adopt

Are you too expecting new life at home? We gathered info and advice to ease the wait.
What to expect?

I'm new in Belgium

We will figure out which benefits you are entitled to and start the monthly payment as soon as possible.

I'm self-employed and expecting

Do you have your own small business or are you your own boss? Expecting a child as a self-employed person is quite an adventure! We are happy to assist you.
Self-employed parent

I'm a single parent

At Infino, we believe that being 'single' does not mean being alone. We are happy to help you and your - future - child(ren) by taking over a lot of administration from you and thoroughly figuring out what you are entitled to.

My situation is changing

Moving house, divorce, a (different) partner, a change of job or study, a sabbatical year... Then what about your child benefits?
More information on changing situations

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Would you like some more information or are you looking for a specific answer to your personal situation? We are here to help!