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Q&A allocations familiales

Am I entitled to a child benefit supplement ?

A difficult period? A change in your situation? Check here whether you are entitled to a temporary supplement. On this page, you'll find everything you need to know about the social supplement, the Covid-19 supplement and how to apply for these temporary supplements.

Find out more about the social supplement

Would you like to know more about the social supplement for the child benefit? Want to calculate whether you are entitled to additional amounts?


Who is eligible for a social supplement in addition to the child benefit?

Since 2019, all families qualify for a social supplement based on their gross taxable income.

The income limit that applies to your family depends on its size and the date of birth of your child(ren). For families with children all born before 2019, your gross taxable income must be under €32,882.77, regardless of the number of children in your family.

For families with at least 3 children, at least 1 of whom was born on or after January 1, 2019 and is entitled to the new "groeipakket" (child benefit) amounts, the income limit is raised to €64,945.93 per year.

The social supplement will be granted automatically if your family income consists, in whole or in part, of a living wage, an income replacement benefit or an income guarantee for the elderly.

How do I claim the social supplement to child benefits?

Family income is first determined on the basis of the income statement from 2 years ago. Infino automatically checks your entitlement to the social supplement and requests your data from SPF Finances.

If your family situation changes, we check whether this has any consequences for the payment of your "groeipakket" (Child Benefit) and adjust the amounts.

If you have not received a social supplement and you presume that you are still entitled to one, please contact Infino. On the basis of the following conditions, we can examine this entitlement: your income 2 years ago was too high, but your income for the last 6 consecutive months is below the limit of 2,685.50 euros gross taxable per month, or 5,306.04 euros per month if you have at least 1 child who receives the new basic amount of 169.79 euros in the "groeipakket".

To do this, download the form and return it to us completed or contact us to receive the document.

Social supplement to child benefits

When Am I entitled to the social supplement in addition to child benefit?

Since the start of 2019, the Groeipakket (Child benefit) has replaced existing child benefits. This measure modified certain aspects of the financial support provided by the Flemish Government to parents. For families with lower incomes, for example, there is now the social toeslag (social supplement in addition to the child benefit).

What exactly is social toeslag (social supplement to the child benefit)?

Raising children requires not only serious organization, but also financial effort. If your family is experiencing difficulties, you can count on the social toeslag (social supplement).

Because every child has the right to equal opportunities.

Who is entitled to the social supplement in addition to child benefit?

Every family with a gross taxable income of less than €32,882.77 in 2019 is eligible. So it's not just a question of specific social groups such as single-parent families, the unemployed or the long-term sick: the sociale toeslag helps any family with fewer resources.

Another change: the sociale toeslag also applies to families with three children, at least one of whom was born in 2019 or later. If this is your case, and your gross taxable income is more than €32,882.77 but less than €64,945.93, you will also receive the sociale toeslag.

Which amount Am I entitled to ?

The amount of social toeslag to which your family is entitled depends on your family income, the size of your family and the date of birth of the children used to determine family size.

For children born before 2019, you receive the former amounts, adapted to their basisbedrag.

For children born from 2019, the following amounts apply.

Annual income

≤ € 32.882,77

between € 32.882,77 and € 64.945,93

1 or 2 child(ren)

€ 69,12 per child per month


More than 2 children

€ 101,59 per child per month

€ 79,94 per child per month

What do i need to do to receive the social supplement in addition to child benefit?

Everything is done automatically if you are entitled to the social toeslag. The payment organization -Infino, for example- bases its decision on the family income shown on your tax return. If this amount is less than 30,986.17 euros, you automatically receive your sociale toeslag for one year, during the allocation year. This normally runs from October 1 to September 30 of the following calendar year.

There is one exception: in 2019, the social toeslag can only be collected on the basis of your 2016 tax notice, as the Groeipakket only came into effect at that time.
There is also an emergency procedure. If you can prove that your income has recently been below the income maximum for at least six consecutive months, you can apply to Infino for the social toeslag.

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