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Independent and pregnant

Even if you are self-employed, your child is entitled to all family benefits. You can choose your own payer and submit your application even before your first child is born. Infino is happy to help you so that you can focus more on your little miracle(s).

We will relieve you of all your worries by paying out your Growth Package correctly and on time. Moreover, we will inform you about all the extra benefits to which you are entitled as a self-employed person. You can read how on this page.

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What can we do for you?

Your time is precious. That is why all our communication is aimed at providing you with correct information quickly. We do this in various ways:

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Birth leave for self-employed entrepreneurs

You too deserve those 12 weeks of rest with your little miracle. You take one to three weeks off to prepare for the birth. You can also spread your rest over a longer period, by working half-time for example. You receive maternity allowance for those 12 weeks.

Fathers and other self-employed co-parents are also entitled to 15 days' maternity leave. This leave system is applied in the same way.

Extra advantages for self-employed parents

After you give birth, you receive an exemption from social security contributions for the previous quarter. Moreover, you are entitled to no less than 105 free service cheques, something an employee does not have. We work closely with various social secretariats and will therefore always be able to inform you quickly of any changes in legislation.

We understand you

Thanks to our parent companies Acerta and Securex, we understand 100% what is going on with you and what your needs are. We are happy to take the worries out of your hands by paying your Growth Package correctly and on time and informing you of everything you are entitled to.

Good to know: Acerta and Securex have been helping self-employed people with their administration for more than 25 years. Officially, Infino has only been around for a few years, but many of our employees were already child allowance experts with Securex and Acerta. So we have a lot of expertise on self-employed people and child benefits.

Information just for you

We write for you. With us, self-employed parents have their own pages, FAQs and blogs to help. Because you deserve it.

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Always on your side

As a self-employed person, you determine your office hours yourself. That does not have to be different for your Growth Package. We offer many digital tools. This way, you can consult your Growth Package whenever and wherever you want. Don't lie awake at night worrying about questions. Ask us quickly via chat, e-mail, our contact form... While you sleep, we will sort it out for you. Often, you will have an answer from us the very next day. You will also find many answers on our site or in your personal portal MyInfino.

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