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My child is worried about the climate

06 December 2021

It is 2021. The climate conference in Glasgow makes no bones about it: the climate crisis requires immediate and concrete action. And who realises this more than ever? Our children. They hear the predictions on TV and receive environmental education at school. 

Does your little chap sometimes worry about the climate? Then he will soon discover how the simplest habits can make a big difference. Just think about recycling, taking your rubbish home with you, turning off the lights, turning off the taps, buying glass bottles, not throwing away food - and much more. 

Small gesture, big difference 

The easiest approach? Showing your youngster how from an early age. Because if you learn to sort rubbish as a child? Then you will continue to do so - throughout your life. You can perfectly explain to a 7-year old child that certain waste materials, such as glass and plastic, are not biodegradable. How do you do it? With different bins for:

  • glass
  • Paper
  • plastic

residual waste 

You can create your own little sorting centre, for example in the garage. You can also hang pictograms above it - you can find them on the internet. The solution is to let your child do the sorting himself. Many children like to be given an important task. Has your kid got the hang of sorting? Then you can take him to the container park - an exciting trip! 

Ecological tips

Nature and the environment are very important to the new generation. So why not introduce your child to his natural surroundings in a creative way? Here are a few ideas:

  • making things with recycled objects
  • carry out scientific experiments
  • planting a vegetable garden 

Does it tickle your fancy to plant your own vegetables? A vegetable garden is becoming increasingly popular. That doesn't surprise us: from start to finish, your little one can participate intensively in this fun garden project - from rooting with his hands in the earth to tasting his home-grown carrot. Your child will also learn the importance of responsible consumption: eating seasonal fruit and vegetables is an important step. 

More vegetables, less meat

Is your child learning to grow tasty vegetables in his or her own vegetable garden? What an added value! You can also teach them that eating less meat makes a big difference. Start, for example, with one vegetarian meal a week. Does your youngster like it? Then you can try out different meat substitutes together. 

Another tip: does your child have toys that he no longer looks at? Or clothes that are too small in his cupboard? Together you can find out what it wants to sell on a second-hand website. That's not just good for the planet: your clever boy will also earn a bit of money. 

Need help? 

Is your family struggling to make ends meet? Then feel free to contact Infino. We will take a close look at your personal file. That way we will find out which interesting premiums you are entitled to. Welcome to Infino!

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