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Living with a college student? Some advice for the parents...

23 May 2022

Help your student through some good advice and financial aid

This period is not only difficult for the students who are studying for finals. Parents, too, are sometimes at a loss for words. They, too, feel the pressure their student is under and join in the search for answers to the most difficult questions. Good news for all those parents: we have developed a 'question trail' that will lead you effortlessly to the right answer. That's right :) 

I have questions about my student

Especially for helpful parents, we have created a digital track that will lead you to the right information for your student by asking a few questions. No more digging through books or entire websites with pen and paper at hand to piece together the answer. And rest assured, this is not a "parent exam" either. Wrong answers are simply impossible. 

*The questionary is only available in Dutch for now. Want to try anyway?

Yes please!

I want to read up on students

Would you rather browse on your own to find that piece of information that could help you or your student? Then we have a lot of inspiration for parents and students in our blogs. Do you want to know what influence your son or daughter's study behaviour has on the Child benefit ? Child benefit and students will help you. Or just use the search function at the top right of this site.

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More than a Child benefit fund

With Infino, we want to do more for you and your child(ren) than just pay out your money correctly and on time every month. We also want to inspire, advise and encourage parents. Infino helps each child to grow up in a warm, green, solidary, caring and sustainable world.

Our mission in less than a minute? Watch the video below (Dutch only).

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