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10 tips for a more sustainable household

30 November 2021

Every household has its own habits - including your family. But are your routines sustainable? With climate change in mind, it is important that everyone does their bit to make the world a better place. Planning to change course? Get started with our 10 smart and eco-friendly tips. 

Tip 1 - buy seasonal produce 

Seasonal fruit and vegetables are cheaper and better for the environment. Why is that? They don't need to be transported far. So you pay less in transport costs and your product pollutes almost nothing. 

Tip 2 - shop with a list 

Make sure you have a shopping list. That way, you only buy the products you need. The result? You save money and you have less waste. Plus, you're less likely to let your consciously bought products go to waste. 

Tip 3 - use a shopping bag 

Going to the supermarket, bakery, clothes shop or other shop? Always take your own shopping bag with you. This way you don't have to buy a plastic bag and you reduce the amount of waste. 

Tip 4 - skip meat more often

The meat industry consumes vast amounts of water and energy. It also pollutes the environment with enormous amounts of fertilisers. Also think of the animal suffering. In the supermarket, you can find delicious meat substitutes. Try them! 

Tip 5 - turn the heating down a notch 

Heating your living room to 22 or 23 degrees is not necessary. 20 or 21 degrees is more than enough. Do you need to get used to it? Wear a thicker jumper. A lower indoor temperature means lower CO2 emissions. You will also save a lot of money. 

Tip 6 - avoid disposable products 

Waste is an enormous burden on the environment. How can you reduce waste? By buying less disposables. Drink water from the tap, don't buy plastic straws and avoid paper napkins. Opt for washable products wherever possible.

Tip 7 - wash at a lower temperature 

Is your washing machine working overtime? Choose a lower temperature more often. Your clothes will stay clean. But you will save a lot of energy. Manufacturers are developing more and more detergents that are perfect for low-temperature washing. 

Tip 8 - Hang out your laundry 

A tumble dryer is easy - no argument there. But hanging up your laundry is more sustainable. You save a lot of energy. Plus, the wind provides a natural fabric softener and fresh scent. 

Tip 9 - check the energy label 

Looking for a new fridge or washing machine? Make sure to check the energy label of your new appliance. A++ is more expensive, but much more economical. It's important to weigh up the options wisely! 

Tip 10 - Get on your bike

A quick trip to the bakery? Or just to the bank? For short distances, always use your bicycle. Many people are car-addicted. Yet a bike ride is healthy, refreshing and environmentally friendly. 

Do you want to invest in a more sustainable household? But are you put off by the cost? Get inspired by our blog. Living more sustainably doesn't have to be expensive. 

Psst... If you can finish off just 1 tip, we'll be so proud! Well done!

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