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"My Infino": everything you need to know in one click!

Would you like an overview of all your payments? Or know who your file manager is? No need to dig through your e-mails anymore! Find all your personal information in our "My Infino" customer area.

The advantages of "My Infino

Using your personal space, you can :

  1. Check the date of your next payment. Always on time, to the point! 
  2. Check your payment history.
  3. Access your personal file 24/7.
  4. Use your smartphone to get a quick overview on your personal informations.
  5. Find the direct phone number of your personal account manager.
  6. Send directly an e-mail regarding your file.
  7. Download your attestations immediately.
  8. Log in with or without an ID card to your personal space.
  9. Take action for the climate. Less paper is better for the planet!

In brief, "My Infino" makes your life easier... Consult your personal file, everywhere and anytime!

I log in to my Infino

Quick and simple

Does using digital tools seem too complicated? At Infino, we want EVERYONE to have quick and simple access to their child's benefit file. That's why we've created a very intuitive customer area where it's impossible to make mistakes. You will easily find everything you need. Try "My Infino" and you will adopt it! You'll see!

Less paper = more trees

If we use more digital tools, we won't need to consume as much paper. Yes, digital channels have less impact on our environment. We will pass this planet on to our children. So we have to take care of it. At Infino, we are well aware of this. That's why it's our constant mission to find better and greener ways of working for our planet and our natural environment. After all, we don't plant trees and then destroy them, do we? More about the Infino trees

Tailor-made advice

In your personal space, you can see the name of the person who is in charge of your file. You can then contact him/her directly by phone. He/she knows your situation and will answer all your questions individually. And all this in complete discretion! In no time at all, you will have established a personal contact. And why not go one step further and wish each other a happy birthday?

Like most mothers, it is difficult for me to have the time to deal with administrative tasks. And when I do, it's only after 8pm! Thanks to "My Infino", I can save time. For example, I was able to quickly download a payment certificate while my son was in bed. I was also able to check the status of my payments before paying a bill for school. "Yasmina, Luca's mother