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Infino your child benefit fund : Request your maternity allowance in Brussels and receive a financial boost

The birth of a child, what a wonderful moment! How do you welcome your child in the most favourable conditions? In Belgium, every child receives a small welcome gift: a maternity allowance (also called a birth grant). With this little financial boost, you can: furnish your baby's room, buy clothes and childcare equipment, or open a savings account in his or her name. It's totally your choice!

Moreover... For every birth allowance requested at Infino, we plant a tree!

Request your maternity allowance

You have the right to  1.314,61 € (for the 1st child) or 597,55 € (from the 2nd child). Fill out this form. It will only take 2 minutes

What does the maternity allowance consist of?

Are you pregnant? Congratulations! You probably know that when you are expecting a child, you have a right to a maternity allowance, paid by your family allowance fund. This bonus is paid once when your child is born. Find below everything you need to know about this allowance. 

Request your maternity allowance

The maternity allowance in Brussels

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How much is the maternity allowance in Brussels?

The amount of the maternity allowance in Brussels is 1.314,61 € for your first child or 597,55 € from the second child onwards (amounts indexed on 01/11/2023).

  • What about a multiple birth? You will receive 1.314,61 € for each child.

When can I apply for the maternity allowance in Brussels?

You can apply for your maternity allowance (or birth grant) as soon as you become pregnant.

  • How about the pregnancy certificate? The pregnancy certificate must be sent after your 5th month of pregnancy. With this document, you can receive your allowance at the earliest 2 months before your expected date of delivery.
  • You forgot to apply for your maternity allowance before the birth of your child? No worries. You can apply for it after the birth.

You didn't receive your pregnancy certificate yet? You can still apply for the maternity allowance. We will contact you later to collect your pregnancy certificate.

When is the maternity allowance paid in Brussels?

When your file is complete, you will receive your maternity allowance at the earliest two months before the expected date of delivery.

Who can apply for the maternity allowance?

It is the (future) mother who must apply for the birth grant and who will receive the allowance.

  • Are your couple composed of two mothers? It is the biological mother (the one who carries the child) who must make the request.
  • Do you work in Belgium but live abroad? Depending on your country of residence, you may be entitled to a childbirth allowance  

Request your maternity allowance

How do I apply for the maternity allowance?

You can apply for your maternity allowance in just a few clicks via our online form. All you need is your identity card and an account number to which the birth grant will be paid.

If you already have it, also attach a copy of your pregnancy certificate (confirming a pregnancy of more than 5 months). If not, you can send it to us later!

Request your maternity allowance

What to do after the birth?

After applying for a maternity allowance at your child benefit fund, you don't need to take any further action. Once your file has been completed, the local administration will inform us of the birth of your child. You will then automatically receive your child benefit from the second month after the birth.

Would you like to know when your child benefit will be paid? Find out here >

What are child benefits?

Child benefits are paid for each child. It consists of a basic amount and any supplements (granted according to your financial and family situation).

Everything you need to know about family allowances

Have you just moved to Belgium?

New to Belgium? What are you entitled to? In our country, every child is eligible for child benefit, whether you are a foreigner or not. Don't know how to apply? We will explain everything to you in detail so that you do not miss out on any benefits.

I apply for child benefit in Belgium

Is your situation different? You can't find the answer you are looking for?

Read our page on special situations. Here you will find information on: the limitation period for claiming your birth grant, the birth grant in the event of a miscarriage, the entitlement to birth grant if you live abroad, and much more...

Are you looking for specific information?

Un nouveau-né, un arbre

A newborn baby, a tree!

We at Infino believe that it is important for every child to grow up in a sustainable and responsible society. That's why we decided to plant trees! One tree will be planted for every newborn baby that joins our family. Together, let's help preserve our environment for the future of our children and the planet.