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Child benefit system in Brussels

As a result of the regionalization of benefits in Belgium, a new child benefit system has been in force in Brussels since 1 January 2020. New names, but also new rules

  • Every child living in Brussels
  • Until 18 years of age
  • In some cases even until 25 years of age         

You will soon be able to switch from child benefit fund in Brussels too!

From 1/1/22 you can also effectively switch from child benefit fund and we welcome you at Infino, the sustainable child benefit fund. If you wish to register now, this is very easy at Infino. Fill in the application form.

Apply for child benefit

You have the right to 585,85 euros (2nd child) or 1.288,87 euros (1st child). Fill out this form. It will only take 2 minutes

What is child benefit?

Child benefit consists of a basic amount and a series of allowances. These allowances serve to help the families as well as possible and depend on their financial and family situation.

Every child domiciled in Brussels is now entitled to the same amount of child benefit, according to age.

  • Unconditional right from birth to 18th birthday
  • The supplement is paid to the mother of the child
  • Child benefit is paid every month around the 1st day of the month

How to claim your child benefit?

Do you already have children or is a first child on the way? You are welcome at Infino! If you're pregnant, please request your maternity allowance first. That will automatically set your child benefit into motion.

Request Maternity Allowance

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