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It's a good idea to join us, because we make it easier for you as a hard-working parent. Together with our partner The village, we will make sure that you can enjoy all those beautiful moments fully.

Request your maternity allowance    

Baby on the way? Maternity allowance helps you get started

Are you expecting a baby? Apply for your maternity allowance. You will then receive the amount at the earliest two months before the expected date of birth.Pas d'administration.

  • No administration
  • On time on your bank account
  • Customised consulting services

Request your maternity allowance     

Child Benefit with Infino: Let's grow together 

Request your Child Benefit. Just fill in your details and we'll do the rest. Do you have a question or suggestion for later? Our advisors are ready to help you by phone, e-mail or at one of our offices.

  • Less administration
  • Less stress  
  • Get more out of it 

Be supported by Infino, The village's child benefit partner!

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