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Blog Child benefit

Avoid a pay-back

18 January 2022

Does anything change? We'd be pleased to hear from you.

We like to keep in close contact with you. First of all, of course, we like to hear how you and your child(ren) are doing. We also think about your finances. If anything changes that entitles you to social benefits, we will be happy to arrange this for you as soon as possible. But even when there is a windfall, we are happy to share in your joy. Also because we wouldn't accidentally pay you too much and have to claim it back later.

When should I notify my child benefit provider?

“Growing together" is our motto and we mean it. Would you like to forward us your son's brilliant report? Please do! Through our My Infino portal, you can see who manages your file and keep in touch personally. We are always happy to hear and see you, even if it doesn't affect your payouts.

Think of us especially when there are changes that affect your family: a divorce, a move to another region or country, your child stops studying, you get a promotion which increases the family budget... We want to hear both the negative and the positive things. We sympathise with you.

Need more information?

Our website is full of concrete and up-to-date info. Using the search function at the top right (the magnifying glass), you will undoubtedly find the page you need. Below we made some suggestions of changes in which we would like to assist you.

  • A divorce
  • Moving house
  • Stopping studying
  • Students moving in/out of the house
  • Your child is going to live alone and/or getting married
  • Social benefits
  • Change of job
  • New child in the family
You can also find a lot of answers to frequently asked questions via this link.

We wish you and your child(ren) all the best, at every stage of life.

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