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Making sustainable choices, also for your child benefit allowance

21 June 2021

Today, more than ever, we are making conscious choices. Eating healthier, exercising more, sorting waste better, maintaining a work-life balance, choosing products with a lower footprint... Households look a lot more sustainable compared to 20 years ago. But is your payer for the child benefit also as sustainable? Did you know that you can choose? 

Shared values 

At Infino, we believe that EVERY child deserves an equal chance at a better world. You want to see your child grow up in a healthy and stable environment. We want that too. Daring to grow together, that is our motto. And we mean it.  

We distinguish ourselves every day by the way we communicate.  

  • Inclusiveness - every origin, every family composition... Together, we form a community. No distinction, just togetherness.  
  • Inspiration - it does not matter whether you have a large or small budget to entertain your child. We provide lots of great tips and ideas to make your little ones laugh. Pssst... Often with recycled materials.  
  • Knowledge and advice - no mom shaming or dad shaming what so ever. At Infino we acknowledge the struggles we go through as parents. It is ok to have a bad day. It is ok to not be perfect. Every parent does everything possible. We are proud of all parents!  

Do these values also match your ideal payer? You can switch, you are welcome to do so. 

Take the sustainable leap


An Infino forest for every member child by 2021 

Sustainable business is not a paper tiger for us. The climate, the world we pass on to our children, deserves our attention. We all want to live, walk, play sports and enjoy a beautiful living environment. We want to support this idea by planting a tree for every child connected in 2021. 

What makes Infino so different?

You can choose who pays your child benefit. 

This is why Infino is your sustainable partner

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