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Child benefit system in Brussels

Need a little help raising your children? Request your family allowance. And you will receive, each month, a specific amount to help you take care of your children.

Our mission? To support you in taking care of your children in the best possible way, by paying your child benefit in time and in the right amount.

Apply for child benefit

Are you already receiving child benefit from another child benefit fund and would you like to change? No problem. You are now free to choose the child benefit fund of your choice!

You have the right to  1.314,61 euros (1st child) or 597,55 euros (2nd child). Fill out this form. It will only take 2 minutes

How does child benefit work in Brussels?

Since January 1, 2020, child benefit in Brussels has been regionalized and changed. Brussels now has its own rules and amounts. The significant change is that child benefit is now determined according to the place of residence and the age of your children (and no longer according to the order of arrival in the family). This new system allows most families in Brussels to receive a more advantageous amount.

Did you receive a higher amount with the old system? Don't worry. If the new amounts are lower than the ones you received before, you can keep the old amounts (as long as there is no change in your family situation).

Child benefit in Brussels

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What is the child benefit consisting of?

Child benefit is a monthly amount paid to parents to help them raise their children. In Brussels, child benefit includes :

  • a birth grant (or an adoption allowance if you are adopting)
  • a basic amount (which depends on: the age of the child, whether the child was born before or after 1 January 2020, income and family composition)
  • supplements to help families according to their financial and family situation.

Calculate your child benefit

Make your life easier with our calculator. It will calculate what you are entitled to. In just a few clicks, it's done!

I calculate the basic amount

The amounts and supplements to child benefit

Consult our handy summary. It contains all the exact amounts of child benefit and supplements.

Everything about the maternity allowance

Is your child eligible for child benefit?

Each child resident in Brussels is eligible for child benefit:

  • from his or her birth until 31 August of the year of his or her 18th birthday.
  • up to the age of 25 under certain conditions. Do you have a child over 18? Check HERE how your child can keep his/her right to child benefit.

Who will receive the child benefit?

Child benefit is usually paid to the mother (or the person who actually raises the child).

I apply for my child benefit

How to apply for child benefit?

Whether your family is already established or you are about to become a parent, you can join Infino! You choose the benefits fund of your choice.

  • Have you already applied for the maternity allowance and is your application complete? If so, your child benefit will be paid automatically every month. You do not need to take any action.
  • Do you want to switch to another child benefit fund? Have you just arrived in Belgium? Then apply for your child benefit quickly using our online form or our paper form. Quick and easy!
And if you transfer your file, your child benefit payments will continue without interruption. So make the choice for a sustainable family benefits fund. Why choose Infino? Find out here.

Pregnant? Apply for your maternity allowance

In Brussels, for the birth of your child, you will receive €1,288.87 for the first child and €585.85 for the second child and above.

I apply for my maternity allowance

When are child benefits paid?

With Infino, you receive your child benefit in a prompt and accurate manner.

You will always be paid on or close to the first of each month (except on public holidays). However, the handling time may vary depending on the bank. You can therefore receive your payment the next day at the latest.

I want to check the payment dates

Supplements to the Child Benefit

In certain cases, child benefit may receive an extra allowance. This depends on your financial situation (gross taxable income) and your family situation (single, cohabiting, number of children). In addition, other bonuses and allowances may also be granted for children and young people who need extra help. The different supplements available are the following:

  • School allowance
  • Social allowance
  • Orphan's allowance
  • Care allowance for children with specific conditions or disabilities
  • Foster care allowance
How do you claim them? We examine your situation on an individual basis so that you automatically receive what you are entitled to. That means you don't have to take any action.

Everything you need to know about supplements

Child benefit (Groeipakket) supplements granted in Flanders

Is your child registered in a Flemish Community kindergarten or school? You may be entitled to some extra allowance:

  • Childcare allowance (Kinderopvangtoeslag)
  • Preschool allowance (Kleutertoeslag)
  • School allowance (Schooltoeslag)
  • Support allowance (Ondersteuningtoeslag)  
How to claim them? To find out if you are eligible, send an e-mail to with the name of the specific supplement in the subject line. Also include your contact details, your child's national registration number and the Dutch-speaking school or kindergarten your child attends. Our advisers will take care of this.

Practical Information

Has your situation changed?

We do much more than pay child benefit. Because at a certain moment, children don't wear swaddles anymore, they go to school or explore the world... Perhaps you are thinking of taking a career break or retiring? All these situations often involve a lot of administrative changes.

What about the child benefits

Receive your child benefit in a bank account. Easy, fast and secure!

Do you want to use a bank account to receive your payment? Have you changed your account number? Inform us by using our online form. In a few clicks, it's done!

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Find the informations you need quickly on "My Infino".

On your personal space, you can follow-up your file online whenever and wherever you want. Do you have further questions? You want to update your informations or consult your next payment? Log on to "My Infino". Quick and easy.

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