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Our credo : Sustainable growth!

For Infino, every child should have a place in a sustainable society. It is an absolute right for every child. How do we plan to achieve this concretely? By acting in a socially responsible way, with integrity and empathy.

In addition to providing quality services, personalized advice, and user-friendly digital tools, we make socially responsible entrepreneurship our fourth pillar. Why? Because we genuinely care about your family.


Our priority: Sustainable entrepreneurship.

Our dearest wish? To leave a sustainable and responsible planet to our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren... 

That's why we're taking concrete steps to improve the environment and ecology: we save paper, we sort our waste, we recycle, we reduce our environmental impact, we save energy, we work remotely, we plant sustainable trees...

Our values: Inclusion and anti-discrimination

We make no distinction based on origin, social class, religion, or gender. We are here for every child regardless of their situation. We respect all forms of parenthood, whether you are a mother and father, two fathers, two mothers, adoptive parents, divorced parents, etc.

Therefore, our website caters to fathers, mothers, stepfathers, stepmothers, blended families, single-parent families... And our communications are adapted to everyone, both in terms of structure and language.

Standing by the people in need

We are aware that not everyone has the same chances in life. Some have more ease than others... That's why we also pay special attention to vulnerable people. We help every struggling parent by providing them with accurate and clear information about the supplements they may be entitled to.

We also engage in the fight against child poverty in our country by helping disadvantaged children through the Pelicano Foundation.

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The Pelicano Foundation

The Pelicano Foundation, one of our privileged partners, fights against child poverty on a daily basis. A noble cause that deserves all our attention.
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The Pelicano-Infino company fund

Every child has the right to a good start in life. That's what we all want for our children... whether we have a lot or few means. Growing together is our motto!
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Sustainable choices

Are you already acting sustainably? Insulating your home, consuming less meat, sorting your waste... And what about your family allowances?


We plant trees!

Yes, you read that right! We plant a tree for each new baby who becomes a member with us. Because we want to give more than just a financial boost, we also want to build a sustainable world for our children.

Do you want your child's birth to be symbolized by the planting of a tree? Join us! And we will plant a tree that will contribute to the forest of tomorrow for the future of our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

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Socially responsible partners

We maintain long-lasting relationships with all our families and wish to do the same with our partners. We always ensure that the companies we work with are inclusive, sustainable, and willing to protect disadvantaged people. Each partnership we enter into always aims to help children.

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