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Hi, we are Infino... Psstt.. our service varies by region. Pick your region and you will receive customized content.

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Dearest of Brussels

You may have already heard that in Brussels we can now switch to another child benefit fund.

The sustainable choice

I am satisfied with my child benefit fund Infino. Besides good service, personal advice and a user-friendly website, this child benefit fund also puts its heart and soul into making the world a better place for all children.

In 2021, they planted a tree for every new child in the family. In 2022, they want to make this forest grow even bigger. You can help.

No strings or hidden costs; your child benefit will be a lot more sustainable.

Jay, Expat

and father of two

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So do you want to contribute effortlessly to the fight against child poverty and a better environment?

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Raising your child is a challenging, but also fantastic adventure. Would you like to enjoy it to the fullest? Then let Infino support you!