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Un nouveau-né, un arbre

A newborn, a tree!

At Infino, we believe that it is important for every child to be able to grow up in a sustainable and responsible society. That is why we have decided to plant trees!

A tree will be planted for each newborn baby that joins our family. Together, let's help preserve our environment for the future of our children and the planet.

Once upon a time... the trees of Infino!

13,000 trees planted in 2021 + 4,700 trees planted in 2022 = 17,700 trees planted in the Saint-Michel Freyr forest (in collaboration with the Nassonia project).

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Infino trees

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Once upon a time... the Infino trees!

Family allowances are important and sometimes even essential in family budgets. By making every effort for timely payments and impeccable service, we want to be there to fulfill this societal role in service of families. But at Infino, we want to go further and prepare for the future of our children... How? By planting trees!

Yes, trees are life! They help fight against climate change, purify the air we breathe, improve the quality of the water we drink, protect us from heat, promote biodiversity... And we understand this well at Infino! Forests are vital for the future of our children. And our reason for being is precisely to help children grow. Today and now, but without forgetting tomorrow... That is why we launched a large tree-planting project!

For every baby who joins Infino, a tree will be planted. Sign up here today! 


Comment parrainer un arbre ?

It is very simple! Follow the steps below:

  1. Apply for your maternity allowance via our page.
  2. Your baby is automatically registered with Infino and participates in our tree planting project.
  3. We will plant the newborn trees in 2023, in the autumn.
  4. When the trees have been planted, you will receive an email inviting you to come and visit the new trees.
Good to know: Trees are not individualised in the name of your children.

Apply for the maternity allowance

Our project in the spotlight

A beautiful story that lasts through time...

At the launch in 2021, we planted 13,000 trees, the equivalent of 11 hectares of forest in the Saint Hubert forest.

In 2022, we continued along this path... On 26 November, we planted 4,700 trees, the number of newborns in the Walloon and Brussels regions who joined our family in 2022.

And we don't intend to stop there! In 2023, we will continue to plant trees for every baby who joins our family.

13,000 trees have been planted in 2021

4,700 trees were planted in 2022

Infino and Nassonia

To fulfill our mission, we have partnered with the Nassonia project:

  • What? Nassonia is an innovative co-management project carried out in the Saint-Michel Freyr forest area. Born from the close collaboration between the Pairi Daiza Foundation and the Nature and Forests Department (DNF) of Wallonia, it was created to build the forest of tomorrow... Indeed, monocultures, biodiversity erosion, and climate change are all threats to today's forest. Action must be taken!
  • How? Nassonia opts for a more resilient forest: diversified tree varieties, soil regeneration, and selection of species capable of withstanding climate change...
  • Where? The Nassonia project is located on the Saint-Michel Freyr forest estate.
  • With whom? Infino is the first private partner to join the project.

Why does Infino plant trees with Nassonia?

Just like the Nassonia project, Infino's project is long-term: our goal is for our children to still be able to enjoy a preserved nature in the years to come, and for our great-grandchildren to still be able to run in the woods in the 22nd century. It was therefore obvious that we were part of this adventure!

Infos pratiques

Let's take a walk in the woods...

Would you like to meet Infino's trees? Here is all the practical information you need to know before setting off:

  • Where are the trees planted?  Our trees are located in the heart of the Saint-Michel Freyr forest, near the town of Saint-Hubert in the province of Luxembourg. They are spread over several plots of land. Three of our plots are located next to hiking trails: two are directly visible from the path and the third is a little further away from the road.
  • Starting points?  
  • There are two starting points for visiting our plots. The most popular is the Fourneau Saint-Michel car park. The second is located at the Barrière Mathieu

  • Other plots? We have also planted trees on other plots of land. However, these are not accessible to the public in order to ensure the tranquility of the fauna and flora.
  • Accessibility for people with reduced mobility and strollers?

    Walkers can circulate in the forest on different types of paths (asphalt, stone, earth, etc.). Asphalt roads allow for easy walks for people with reduced mobility and strollers. Check out our walking paths to verify the surface.

  • Are dogs allowed? Our four-legged friends, on a leash, are also welcome

Psstttt... Infino's trees are quite far from you? Are you hesitant to go there? There are plenty of other things to do or visit in the area ;-)

The Nassonia signposting - Infino

In the parking lot of the St. Michael Furnace, you will find an information board showing the walking paths of the Infino trees. Once you arrive at the site, another board will tell you that you have arrived at the right place. However, there are no trail signs along the way so as not to distort the landscape. Our advice: Download our walking maps or take a picture of the road sign in the parking lot so you don't get lost!

I download the walking maps

The 3 walks of Infino's trees

As described above, you can admire the Infino trees via 2 starting points: the parking lot of the Fourneau Saint-Michel or the Barrière Mathieu.

  • Promenade n°1 (parking Fourneau St-Michel): Visit of the parcel n°A (by making a small detour). It lasts about 1h30. The roads are on the one hand, in asphalt and on the other hand, in stones (more difficult for the PMR and baby carriages). Still, you will take the path of Rabani whose valley and its small stream are a real pleasure for families.
  • Promenade n°2 (Mathieu barrier): Visit parcel n° B (slightly off the road) and C (roadside). The walk lasts about 1.5 hours and is entirely asphalt. Very easy for strollers. Moreover, you will be able to contemplate the landscape thanks to 2 surprising viewpoints (Tour de Priesse and Aire de Bilaude).
  • Promenade n°3 (parking Fourneau St-Michel): Visit of the parcel n°A (with a small detour). This walk is intended for the most athletic among you. The duration of the walk is about 3 hours. The majority of the walk is on dirt roads.

I download the maps (Starting points n°1 and n°2)

You want to see where all our parcels are located (even the non-accessible ones)? Click here.


Would you like to know more about our trees?

Do you have questions about our plantations? You will certainly find your answer here:

Why are the trees fenced in?

We have to protect them from predators (deer, wild boar, etc.) for about 20 years, the time it takes for them to be big enough.

What are the species planted?

We have planted different kinds of trees (sessile oaks, sycamores, alisiers, small-leafed lime trees, aspen trees). Moreover, between the planted trees, birch and rowan trees are also planted to encourage biodiversity and stimulate the growth of large trees.

Why were the parcels not deseeded?

Dethatching requires heavy equipment that can sometimes damage the soil for decades. In addtion, it is interesting that these stumps decompose. The soil is thus enriched and regenerated by the organic matter extracted from the trees.



The news speaks about it

Discover more about our project through the different press articles we have selected for you:


The word from our CEO

" At Infino, we stand out not only for the quality of our customer-oriented services, but also for our commitment to tomorrow, for the future of our children. That is why we support projects against child poverty and are actively committed to the environment and nature. We take our social responsibility in all its dimensions: economic, social and ecological. "              Agnes Hertogs - CEO Infino

Our social responsibility, a real priority for Infino

In order for each child to grow in a sustainable way, we also apply other sustainable principles, such as inclusion, tolerance and special attention to the vulnerable... as well as to the environment.

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