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Child benefit supplements in Brussels

Every family is unique. So is yours. Depending on your family situation, income, etc. There are also other supplements to make things a little easier for you as a parent.

Because that's important, we make sure that your child benefit is paid on time and correctly. We have only one objective: to assist you as best we can in this great adventure of educating your child(ren).

See below for the different types of supplements to which you may be entitled.

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What are the supplements in Brussels?

Each child is entitled to a basic monthly amount. Depending on your situation and income, bonuses and supplements may be introduced. 

Being the registered Infino member means you automatically receive what you're entitled to. There's no need to take any extra steps! Really convenient, isn't it?

Are you looking for the exact amounts of supplements in Brussels? Consult this page

Supplements in Brussels

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Back-to-school bonus (or annual age supplement)

At the start of the new school year, every family receives the back-to-school bonus (also known as the annual age supplement). This helps you pay for your children's education. 

The school bonus is paid in August, at the same time as your family allowance. All children aged 0 to 24 receive it automatically if they are entitled to child benefit in July.

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The social supplement 

Are you having difficulty making ends meet? Families with less financial resources may be able to obtain an allowance in addition to the basic amount: the social supplement.

The social supplement is granted on the basis of tax data obtained from the tax authorities. It depends on :

  • your family income
  • family situation
  • the age of your children
Do you think you may be entitled to the Social Supplement? Apply to and speak to your advisor. He or she will analyse your situation.
If you don't request it yourself, the supplement (if you are entitled to it) will be granted automatically 2 years after the year in question.

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Orphan's benefit

Children who lose one or both parents are entitled to an additional allowance: the orphan's allowance.

  • The basic amount is increased by 50% for a child orphaned by either parent.
  • The basic amount is doubled for a child orphaned by both parents.

What is different now: if the surviving mum or dad (re)marries or starts living with someone else, the entitlement to the supplement is maintained. This was not the case before.

Are you in this situation? Contact one of our advisors. He or she will certainly be able to help.

Vous ĂȘtes dans cette situation ? Are you in this situation? Contact one of our advisors. He or she will certainly be able to help.Il pourra certainement vous aider.

The supplement for a child with a medical condition or disability

If your child is suffering from a handicap or a serious illness, you may be entitled to a supplement to family allowance: the supplement for a child with a medical condition.

This supplement is granted on the basis of a decision by the doctor at the Centre de l'Evaluation de l'Autonomie et du Handicap (CEAH). The doctor will evaluate the disability, condition or illness on the basis of a 3-pillar assessment grid:

  • the physical and mental impact on your child
  • the impact on your child's daily life
  • the impact on your family

The supplement will depend on the number of points obtained on the grid.
Unlike other supplements, you need to request the supplement from our advisers, who will take care of the follow-up.

The foster child supplement

When a child is placed with a foster family, they receive a monthly allowance in addition to their family allowance. These allowances are always paid to the host family or parent.

  • In the case of a foster family, the allowance is paid to the mother or, in the case of a same-sex couple, to the older person. 
  • If the child is in the care of a foster parent, family allowance is paid to the foster parent.
  • The person who was receiving child benefit immediately before the child was placed with the family also receives a lump-sum allowance, provided that he or she maintains close contact with the child

Can't find the answer to your question? Contact us, we'll be happy to help.

Is your child going to a Dutch-speaking nursery or school?

You may be entitled to additional support from the Flemish Community under the Groeipakket.

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Supplement amounts

On our dedicated page, you will find the basic amounts of child benefit, as well as all the amounts linked to supplements. These are updated regularly following indexation.
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The basic amount of child benefit

Would you like to know how much you are eligible for? Enter your details in a simple and convenient way in our calculator.
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Child benefit payment calendar

Are you waiting for your file to be adjusted following a supplement to which you are entitled? Use our calendar to check the main payment dates and any interim payments.
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