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New in Belgium? Expat in Belgium? 

Were your children not born in Belgium, but do you work and live in Belgium or are you still looking for a job while you and your family live in Belgium? Then we want to give your children a helping hand with the Groeipakket / child benefit. 

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What is child benefit? 

Have you ever heard of Groeipakket or Child benefit? Well, every child in Belgium has the right to some financial aid. They're also extra benefits for when families are going to tough times. These allowances serve to help families in the best possible way and depend on their financial and family situation.

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Why Infino?

Watching children grow up and helping them find their way until they find their final place in society. That is what drives Infino. That is what motivates everyone who works at Infino to get up every day and give the best of themselves. To be an understanding and reliable partner throughout life for you and your children.

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