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Growing together with companies

Infino is always looking for partners to help with our mission; to strive for a better world for children.

We also like to extend a helping hand to relieve companies, especially the HR department, when an employee is expecting a baby. Trust Infino to provide accessible and transparent services.

Meer dan 25 jaar ervaring

Infino is ontstaan uit een samenwerking tussen Acerta en Securex. Al meer dan 25 jaar zetten we ons keihard in om de meest duurzame speler te zijn onder de uitbetalers van het startbedrag / kraamgeld / geboortepremie en het Groeipakket / kinderbijslag.

Zo'n 500.000 kinderen zijn al aangesloten bij Infino en tal van partners beschouwen ons als het enige aanspreekpunt voor de uitbetaling van hun startbedrag / kraamgeld (link) en Groeipakket / kinderbijslag (link). Waarom? 

  • We zorgen voor een vlotte en stipte uitbetaling van het Groeipakket / kinderbijslag en andere toelagen 
  • We nemen alle administratieve rompslomp over 
  • We informeren onze gezinnen met handige en inspirerende tips en feiten 
  • We zetten ons in om elk kind gelijke kansen te geven

Providing support for your employees

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have a talented team in the company that you would like to relieve as much as possible of paperwork and backlogs for the payment of Child Benefit or Maternity Allowance? Infino knows how to deal with that. You can start a partnership with us and we will do the rest. That way, questions about payouts no longer end up with your HR forces, but Infino is your ally to follow everything up correctly and provide relevant information on time.

Is your colleague pregnant?

Be sure to consider Infino for a smooth follow-up.

Contact us

Are you self-employed?

As an entrepreneur, you do have other things to do than following up on your Child Benefit / Maternity Allowance or applying for your maternity allowance. Better leave that to us. So you can get on with business and countdown to the arrival of your little one or invent activities for your little angels.

Thanks to our parent companies, Securex and Acerta, we have more than 25 years of experience in providing this service. So you can rely on us for correct and smooth follow-up.

More info for the self-employed >

 Interested in a partnership?

Contact us

Contact Elisabeth Neckebroek for more informations

Social common ground

Our partners share our values and standards. Every child counts! Without exceptions. We talk about inclusiveness and the will to improve the climate so that our children can also enjoy a bright, healthy future. Do you share our vision? If so, we are excited to sit around the table. Contact Elisabeth Neckebroek for more information.


We are planting a forest. Yes, a forest!

Infino wil alle kinderen tijdens hun ontwikkeling op zoveel mogelijk vlakken

Infino is committed to support all children during their growth in as many ways as possible. Not only in providing the Child benefit or Maternity Allowance with a financial boost but also in promoting their quality of life and future. Children want to grow in a world where they have every opportunity to flourish. And so do we!

To give our youngest ones a green and healthy future, Infino assumes its social responsibility, economically, socially and ecologically. We consciously look beyond today and are committed to a sustainable path. How? We are planting a forest in collaboration with Nassonia.

Growing together' is our baseline and it applies just as much to this initiative, which culminates in the planting of thousands of new trees.

More information


Huizen van het Kind

Infino works with a lot of ambition with Huizen van het Kind. Infino makes its advisers available on a regular basis to support Houses of the Child with expertise. We want to provide advice to every family around parenting, growing up and disbursing the Child Benefit.

Foundation Pelicano

Pelicano Foundation, our partner, is fighting child poverty on a daily basis. An initiative we are happy to highlight.
Read more


Ferm and payer (formerly child benefit fund) Infino are joining hands to provide parents with as much administrative support and assistance as they need, so they can enjoy parenthood to the fullest.

Even more inspiration

Pssst... Our blogs are also always written from a sustainable perspective. Making costumes with recycled materials? Holiday outings on a low budget? We give inspiration to every family.


Living with a college student? Some advice for the parents...

This period is not only difficult for the students who are blocked. Parents also feel the pressure that their student experiences. Good news for all those parents: we developed a 'question trail' that effortlessly leads you to the right answer.

Child benefit

Avoid a pay-back

We like to keep in close contact with you. First of all, we would like to hear how you and your child(ren) are doing.

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